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Keto Sweeteners: What's the Best and Worst on Keto?

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, Preston here with TeamKeto! Today we are going to talk about sweeteners on the ketogenic diet.

Right here in front of me I have what we call SUGAR. Before doing keto, if I were making a recipe that called for a sweetener, let's say a cookie recipe, then I would typically reach into my cupboard and pull out regular white cane sugar or brown sugar. Hopefully by now you have come to learn that SUGAR and KETO do not mix!!!!! Any product with sugar listed in the ingredients is most likely going to be one to stay away from, if staying in ketosis is your goal.

So, what should you use on keto? You may have heard numerous sugar alcohol names thrown around, such as erythritol or xylitol, stevia, truvia, splenda, aspartame, sucralose, monk fruit, and many more. It can be confusing keeping track of all these, plus those new sweeteners that emerge every year. For this reason, TeamKeto has provided you with a free Hidden Sugar Guide.

And to make things even easier, I invite you to come to the grocery store with me, so I can help you navigate the sweetener aisle. Come on, and I’ll show you which keto sweeteners I would choose.

Watch video to see.

Well, there ya have it. My top two sweetener choices for quality and cost-savings. Truvia, which is carried in most grocery stores and is just a blend of Erythritol and Stevia. And Liquid Vanilla Stevia drops, which was not at this store but can be bought online or at other whole food stores, like Sprouts.

For more information regarding sweeteners on keto, head to and download our free Hidden Sugar Guide. You can also check out Part Two of "Which Sweeteners can I use on Keto?”

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