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TeamKeto provides resources and tools to make Keto easier, tastier, and more effective.  We do that by providing free keto challenges, training videos, health articles, recipes, community groups, and developing clean keto supplements that are proven to maximize your results.

At TeamKeto, all of our supplements include scientifically-proven, patented, all-natural ingredients at clinically effective dosages. They are completely free of fillers, junk, artificial, chemical ingredients, and other things that may kick you out of ketosis.  

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality in the industry and have committed to NEVER using artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or harmful additives. 

Our mission is to help you use keto to unlock your full potential and peak performance. 

The TeamKeto Manifesto

Community/Transformation Contests

Because we are a TEAM we recognize those who are crushing their goals!

Every month we choose someone who has been crushing their keto progress and give them free supplements, swag, and the title of TeamKeto Warrior of the Month.


Preston Noble - TeamKeto Trainer

Preston Noble's life mission has long been to teach principles of health, nutrition, and happiness to everyone seeking that knowledge around the world.

Preston works to achieve this objective by providing up-to-date nutritional information, health/fitness education, and various means of motivation and inspiration to all those looking to improve their health.

He works to provide the highest quality supplements and meal plans to help combat the stressful demand of busy schedules and the nutritional deficiencies of our growing world!

Preston graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree (B.S.) in Exercise Physiology. 

His nutrition really became a passion when he started experiencing health challenges. Due to those challenges, he took every nutrition class his University offered and changed his life!

From 2012-2014 Preston competed in numerous bodybuilding shows where he first learned about keto and how effective it is for fat loss!

He was sponsored by some of the top Supplement & Fitness companies around the world.

Preston was a BodySpace Spokesmodel Finalist, team athlete, magazine cover fitness model, NPC Bodybuilding & Physique competitor, and a personal trainer with 8+ years of experience.

He made the cover of Train magazine and was featured in many other fitness magazines.

From 2016-2018 Preston coached clients online and helped thousands transform.

In 2018 he became the Head Trainer at TeamKeto.  The mission of TeamKeto is to help people unlock their full potential when it comes to their health and performance with the ketogenic diet.

Health and well-being are his passion and it is his mission to help people maintain their health so that they can thrive in life! 

Preston’s Credentials:

  • B.S. Exercise Physiology
  • Personal Trainer 8+ years
  • Bodybuilder, Physique Competitor
  • Published Cover & Fitness Model
  • Sponsored Athlete for Numerous Top Supplement & Fitness Companies around the World
  • Bodyspace Spokesmodel finalist
  • Owner of World Famous Calves

Preston Noble in the Media Preston Noble's Fitness 360: Brains And Brawn Preston Noble’s Fitness 360: Training Raising Calves: Preston Noble's Training Plan For Freaky Lower Legs

Train Magazine: Preston Noble’s 4 Cardio-centric Warm-up Exercises Calf Monster: Preston Noble's Workout For Massive Calves

Colton Lee - TeamKeto Co-Founder

Colton Lee is a co-founder of TeamKeto and one of the crazies who lives and breathes all things keto! Keto is not a diet for him, it is a lifestyle!

Colton's health journey began when he got very sick in college.  After lots of troubleshooting and doctor’s visits, he discovered that certain carbs were causing food allergies.  He changed his diet from his carb-heavy way of eating to clean eating. 

In 2013, he graduated from college with a B.S. in Engineering, however, this health experience changed his life mission and focus. 

In 2014, he started a fitness company called Flat Abs Fitness, helping over 250 thousand people go through weight loss challenges, achieve their ideal bodies, and feel confident again.

In 2016, he was challenged by Trainer Preston to start keto. Since then, he's NEVER had more energy, mental clarity, or focus.  He also never struggled with the health issues he had earlier on in life. Keto was life-changing for him!

 In 2017, he co-founded TeamKeto to provide easy tools for individuals to learn about keto and absolutely crush their weight loss goals.

Trevor Hiltbrand - TeamKeto Co-Founder

Trevor has been in the supplement business for nearly a decade and is passionate about research and creating high-end, science-backed products.  

Trevor is the founder of multiple companies, including Transparent Labs. He is known for providing high-quality, clean supplements. 

While researching, Trevor couldn’t ignore the amazing benefits of living a keto lifestyle and knew he could help bring the best keto products to market.

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