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Why do I fall out of ketosis?

Why do I fall out of ketosis?

Hey Keto Warrior,

Okay okay, first off I want to state the obvious so we can get it out of the way…

Sugar and refined carbs are goal killers. Plain and simple.

But you know this because that’s the premise of the keto diet.

Eliminate carbs and sugar while increasing healthy fats to produce more ketones... so you can shed the fat.

Well today, I’d like to shed something else… a light... on a few other things that can hurt you just as much.

5 Surprising Things That Can Kick You Out Of Ketosis

Stress - Stress activates cortisol. Cortisol is the main adrenal hormone that will adapt you to stress. This can be emotional or physical stress.

Excessive Caffeine - A cup of coffee isn’t a deal-breaker. However, if you’re drinking coffee or tea all day long, you’ll activate adrenaline which then activates insulin. No bueno!

Artificial Sweeteners - Aspartame, Splenda, and saccharin have dextrin and maltodextrin which can raise insulin.

Excessive Protein - Hungry for a 16oz steak? Stay away. The sweet spot for most people is 3-6oz per meal. If you’re doing intermittent fasting, you can do an 8oz steak, but try not to go much higher than that. It’ll spike your insulin.

MSG - This is in so many foods it’s almost ridiculous. It’s easy to avoid if you’re shopping, but very difficult to avoid if you’re going out to eat. It’s in sauces, the dressings, flavor enhancers… if it tastes too good, it probably has MSG.

So when it comes to any of these things, keep it at a minimum, or none at all…

You’ll not only be glad you did, but your time will be better spent staying in ketosis rather than trying to get back in.

If the struggle is real (which I know it is for most) on exactly what to eat and when... then our 6-Week TeamKeto Challenge would be great for you.

Not only will you get 100+ simple & delicious keto recipes from our exclusive cookbook app...

..but you’re also going to get a bottle of our famous Fuel Exogenous Ketones, a complete meal plan, grocery list, and more personalized coaching & support in our 6-Week Facebook Group.

Never fall out of ketosis again. Slay it once-and-for-all!
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