"It's so convenient. When I'm on the go this shake helps me hit my fat macros and stay in ketosis. It tastes AMAZING and makes me so full. LOVE!" 
-Kensie, TeamKeto Customer

  • ❔   What is Meal Replacement?

  • ❔   How does it taste?

  • ❔   Can I just take Meal Replacement for ketosis, or do I also have to follow keto macros?

  • ❔   What if I don’t like the flavor?

  • ❔   Will this help with my sugar cravings?

  • ❔   Does it contain electrolytes?

  • ❔   Will this help with the keto flu?

  • ❔   Why is this better than other meal replacement supplements I’ve seen?

  • ❔   When can I take Meal Replacement?

  • ❔   How many times a day can I have Meal Replacement?

  • ❔   What can I mix this with?

  • ❔   How much liquid should I add to the Meal Replacement? 

  • ❔   Can I have this while fasting?

  • ❔   Can I take this at night?

  • ❔   Does this count towards my water intake?

  • ❔   Does this have caffeine in it?

  • ❔   Is the Meal Replacement gluten-free and dairy-free?

  • ❔   What is Meal Replacement sweetened with?

"It's so convenient. When I'm on the go this shake helps me hit my fat macros and stay in ketosis. It tastes AMAZING and makes me so fullLOVE!" 
-Kensie, TeamKeto Customer