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6 Week Team Keto Challenge + Fuel

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  • 65+ Simple & Delicious Keto Recipes from our Exclusive TeamKeto Cookbook
  • 1 Tub of TeamKeto Fuel: $79 Value
  • Complete 6-Week Keto Meal Plan with the BEST Keto Recipes
  • Weekly Grocery List So You Save Time, Hassle, and Money
  • Expert Coaching & Support in the 6-Week Facebook Group
  • And Of Course... Free U.S. Shipping!

Accelerated Weight Loss Meal Plan (6 Weeks)

  • Get into ketosis and get real results.
  • 6-weeks of the BEST guilty pleasure keto recipes
  • Simple step-by-step instructions on what to eat and when to eat it. 
  • Complete Q&A on the most common keto questions and mistakes.

65+ Simple & Delicious Keto Recipes

  • Easy to make keto recipes that taste AMAZING.
  • Lots of variety. You'll never get bored with meals.
  • Ketogenic macros optimized for maximum fat burn.
  • Family friendly and husband approved.
  • Yummy treats to help you curb sugar cravings and remain a fat-burning machine all day. 

Simple Weekly Grocery List

  • Save time and hassle.
  • Easy to find ingredients.
  • Save money by cooking on a budget.

BONUS #1: Fuel Exogenous Ketones 
($79 Value)

For optimal results, I recommend adding a ketone (BHB) drink during the challenge. It'll make ketosis much EASIER. Fuel provides extra ketones for energy, brain performance, and fat burn. One tasty scoop of orange mango or lemon-lime will put you into ketosis within 60 minutes! It'll also replenish critical electrolytes to help you transition into ketosis.

  • Facilitates a quick switch that puts you into a fat burning state of ketosis (in less than 60 min).
  • Boosts your energy, your focus, and your mental clarity by providing ketone fuel.
  • Replenishes your ESSENTIAL electrolytes (especially those hard to get in food).
  • Reduces your chance of getting keto flu symptoms (brain fog, low energy, etc).
  • Trains your body to produce natural ketones and controls appetite.
  • Helps you stay in ketosis even when you make mistakes. (Nutrition labels are tricky)
  • Tastes AMAZING: Makes it EASY to ditch soda and sugary drinks. You'll wonder why you ever had them before!

BONUS #2: Private 6-Week Facebook Group

  • Get private advanced level coaching from me and my team of coaches.
  • 24/7 support, motivation, and accountability!
  • Join other people who are just like you.
  • Ask any questions as you go through the 6-Week TeamKeto Challenge.

The 6-Week Challenge APP!

($147 Value)

We have inserted the entire 6-Week program into an easy to use app that you can use on ANY device! This will make shopping and meal prep so much more convenient!

6-Weeks of HIIT Workouts!
($99 Value)

  • Elevate ketone levels and BURN body fat with these specially formulated 15-Minute HIGH heart rate circuits that can torch fat as fuel for up to 24 hours AFTER each HIIT routine!
  • Whether your a beginner or advanced, there's a workout for you.
  • The exercises are designed to target stubborn fat areas.
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