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Strawberry Sweet Rolls

Strawberry Sweet Rolls

Strawberries and sweet rolls... the perfect combination!

Ingredients: dough

1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese

2 tbsp cream cheese 

3/4 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 large egg, room temp

1 scoop TeamKeto Strawberries and Cream Collagen

1 scoop TeamKeto Vanilla c8 

In a microwaveable bowl, melt mozzarella and cream cheese for 60 seconds. If needed, heat for another 15 seconds. Once melted, mix and then add in almond flour, baking powder, collagen, and c8. Then add in room temp egg. Mix until well combined.

On parchment paper place dough and place another sheet of parchment paper. Roll out dough into a rectangle shape. 

Ingredients: filling

2 tbsp softened butter

2 1/2 tbsp granulated monkfruit

4 medium strawberries, chopped 

Spread butter on dough, then sprinkle monkfruit all over and evenly sprinkle chopped strawberries to ensure its in every bite. 

Roll dough tightly using parchment paper until it forms a roll. Slice into 12 even rolls. In order to keep roll shape while baking, use a cupcake pan. Don't forget to grease if using a tin cupcake pan. Bake in oven at 360° for 21 minutes. 


2 tbsp cream cheese softened 

2 tbsp Heavy whipping cream 

2 tbsp monkfruit 

1 scoop TeamKeto Vanilla c8 

In a bowl, place cream cheese, monkfruit and c8. Mix until combined. Whisk in heavy whipping cream. Once rolls have cooled top with icing and enjoy!



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  • These are amazing!

    Susan Walters
  • Can’t wait to make them sounds so awesome!

    Lois Pahlen
  • Sounds delishious… will try it soon!

    Angie Tanner

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