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4x Pure C8 MCT Oil

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Instantly boost energy, mental performance, and metabolism.

TeamKeto Pure C-8 MCT Powder is a perfect way to give your body and brain the ketogenic fuel it needs to optimize performance. TeamKeto MCTs are the perfect way to boost your ketone levels. Add it to coffee & tea (for a creamy taste), smoothies & shakes, baking, and salads.

TeamKeto Pure C-8 MCT Powder is the first C-8 Powder on the market. C-8 MCTs convert into ketones more efficiently than any other blended MCT or coconut oils on the market. That means TeamKeto Pure C-8 MCT Powder is the most efficient way to facilitate a fast and effortless switch into ketosis.

TeamKeto Pure C-8 MCT Powder Gives You:

  • Instant High-Energy Fuel
  • C8s to Boost Brain Performance & Focus
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Easy-to-Digest MCT Oils
  • Appetite Control 
What Makes it So Effective:
Most MCT products include a blend different oils. This slows down the results and fat-burning benefits of taking an MCT. But that's most products. TeamKeto Pure C-8 MCT Powder isn't like most products. Instead, it gives you an ultra-efficient ketogenic boost.
Mixes Smooth
Flavorless (So It Goes With Everything)

What is C-8 MCT Oil Powder?

On a molecular level, the building blocks of dietary fat are fatty acids—chains of molecules found in fats and oils.

Most dietary fats are long-chain triglycerides, but some are medium-chain triglycerides (or MCTs). And when it comes to you, your ketosis, and this challenge, MCTs are a game-changer.

Remember how a keto diet turns your body into a fat-burning machine? Well...

Medium-chain triglycerides are the super-premium unleaded fuel for your fat-burning machine. They travel to your liver very quickly to produce ketones and give you energy FAST—especially C8 MCTs.

Compared to other, more common, MCTs, C8 is much more quickly utilized for energy and packs a much more powerful ketogenic punch. Studies actually show that C8s increase ketones about THREE TIMES more than C10s (which have 10 carbons).

Basically, more carbon means more processing and less ketogenic fuel. 

Thus, C8 MCTs are an ultra-premium fat-based fuel for ketogenic dieters.

How to Use C-8 MCT Oil Powder

Between meals to keep body in fat burning state
After eating carbs to facilitate switch to ketosis again
On an empty stomach or fasted for mental performance
Before exercise for increased stamina, endurance
Anytime physical and mental performance is wanted.

Product Details

40 Servings
7 Grams of C-8 MCT per Serving

Net Weight - 360g, 12.70 oz

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