"TeamKeto Fuel makes keto EASY and tastes like a POPSICLE. I have tons of energy, mental clarity, and I feel great. It really helps me get into ketosis and stay there."

-Kensie W.

  • Formulated by keto experts and supercharged with 11.7g of ultra high-quality ketones and essential electrolytes to support ketosis, energy, hydration, and curb appetite.

  • No junk ingredients. Sweetened with stevia, not sugar, for a taste you'll love.

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  • ❔   What is Fuel?

  • ❔   How long does it take my body to get into simulated ketosis with Fuel?

  • ❔   Can I just take Fuel for ketosis, or do I also have to follow keto macros?

  • ❔   What if I don’t like the flavor?

  • ❔   Will this help with my sugar cravings?

  • ❔  How does Fuel work?

  • ❔   Is this good for replacing electrolytes?

  • ❔  Will this help with the keto flu?

  • ❔  Why is this better than other ketone supplements I’ve seen?

  • ❔   When can I take Fuel?

  • ❔  How many times a day can I have Fuel?

  • ❔   What can I mix this with? 

  • ❔  How much liquid should I add to the Fuel?

  • ❔   Can I have this while fasting?

  • ❔   Can I take this at night?

  • ❔  Does this count towards my water intake?

  • ❔   Does this have caffeine in it?

  • ❔  Is the Fuel gluten-free and dairy-free?

  • ❔   What is Fuel sweetened with?

  • ❔   How is Fuel flavored?

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