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Charge Electrolytes

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CHARGE was developed because electrolyte balance is important. From nerve impulses to muscle contractions, cellular hydration to body pH; electrolytes work in concert to energize our bodies [1].

When there aren’t enough electrolytes present, symptoms like: cramps, headaches, muscle weakness and lethargy occur [2, 3, 4]. The best example of low electrolyte balance is the keto flu.

What causes electrolyte imbalance so frequently during the ketogenic diet is water loss attributed to entering fat-focused metabolism. On average, transitioning into ketosis can stimulate 10 pounds of water lost from muscle and liver glycogen stores, taking with it many dissolved electrolytes in the process [5].

Adding Himalayan sea salt to meals and drinking your electrolyte-rich Keto FUEL exogenous ketones is a great way to boost these critical nutrients. But you deserve more options, so we made CHARGE.

CHARGE allows you to recoup lost electrolytes on-the-go at any time with zero metabolic impact. During your fast, with a meal, in the middle of a workout – you’re in full control of your electrolytes.

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