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Vitamin K2 & D3

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We want to give you everything you need to not only lose those last few stubborn pounds, but to live the most fulfilled and healthy life possible.  

One of the vitamins that is crucial to one's overall health is vitamin K2-- the missing link between diet and several chronic illnesses [1].

Here's the scoop...

As people age calcium begins to build up in the arteries and around the heart.  

Vitamin K2 is vital because it prevents calcium accumulation in the arteries and around the heart [2]... As well as transportation of calcium to the wrong places. 

Calcium build-up in the wrong places causes tartar on the teeth, cataracts, clogging of arteries, osteoporosis stiffness that often occurs as people age [3], strokes, and heart disease (the leading cause of death for men and women! [4]).

Vitamin K2 reduces this build-up by taking calcium to the right places!

Vitamin D3 is another incredible vitamin with so many amazing health benefits that a substantial percentage of the population is deficient in [5]!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Helps to maintain the health of bones and teeth [6].
  • Boosts your mood [7].
  • Supports the health of the immune system, brain, and nervous system [8].
  • Regulates insulin levels and blood sugar, and aids diabetes management [9].
  • Supports lung function and cardiovascular health [10].
  • Some research links vitamin D3 to cancer prevention-specifically colon, prostate, and breast cancer [11].

Now here's a secret: Many don't know that vitamin D actually needs vitamin K2 to maximize all the benefits I mentioned above [12]!

So, if you’re taking only one or the other you could be missing out.

When taken together vitamin K2 & D3 work as a team to take calcium to your bones to support good bone health and prevent calcium build-up in other unwanted places.

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