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How much protein can you eat in ketosis?

🚫 Big Keto Mistake: Do you go over 20% protein? If you're trying to get into ketosis... excess protein could be turned...

Posted by Team Keto on Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Big Keto Mistake: Do you go over 20% protein?

If you're trying to get into ketosis... excess protein could be turned into glucose and stop ketosis.

Here's what I recommend when it comes to how much protein to have on keto.


Video Transcript:

We get asked these questions all the time... why 20% protein? And the questions go both ways.

First, many people ask... isn’t that too much protein? My nutritionist or so and so’s video online said I only need .8 grams per kilogram. Anything more will just get turned to fat or peed out.

On the flip side, many people also ask: So if I eat more than 20% protein, will that really kick me out of keto? Because I read a blog post or watched a video of this person doing lazy keto or a carnivore diet and they ate more than 20% protein. They said they were still in ketosis.

So with that said, let me point out what I will be teaching in this video, may not apply to everyone doing keto.

But I am confident our advice will benefit the greater majority of people specifically those just starting keto for their first time and looking to focus mainly on weight loss.

NOW PAY Attention… This next Phrase is the KEY….. The biggest factor is...

It depends on your body’s underlying metabolic state.

Research leans towards people starting out on keto may benefit more by eating 20% or less protein. Why I say people just starting out on keto... because for one their body is not yet fat adapted.

There is so much keto advice that can almost be thrown out the window and replaced with others once someone becomes truly fat adapted. So I am specifically talking about within your first 6 weeks of keto.

If weight loss is your main focus, meaning 20+ lbs to lose, if you normally exercise only 1-2 times a week or less, live a relatively sedentary lifestyle, and have eaten a standard American diet for many years... Well, chances are you could be in a metabolic state such as Hyperinsulinemia or Hyperglycemia.

Meaning your body is not functioning optimally in its regulation of insulin and glucose. Which is very very common, especially among people who fall into those categories of 20+ lbs to lose, don’t exercise much, sedentary lifestyle, eat a lot of refined carbs, etc.

These people may very well benefit most by staying at or under 20% protein. In fact, we have found that many of our clients who either were not initially losing weight on keto or plateaued, were able to start losing weight and overcome plateaus simply by dropping their protein down to around 15%.

Now once they had been on keto for 4-6 weeks typically their insulin and glucose regulation improves and thus they don’t have to worry so much about going over 20% on protein.

Just like someone who already has good insulin and glucose regulation may not need to worry as much about protein intake.

Hopefully, that helps give y’all some clarity about protein on keto. For now Keto ON!!



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